Welcome to the personal website of Samantha Hughes-Johnson, historian and confraternity scholar. Samantha has written and lectured variously on the following subjects: fashion and the ashamed poor of quattrocento Florence; the fresco decoration of the Oratorio dei Buonomini di San Martino, Florence; early Medici patronage; the Pazzi Conspiracy and the Ricordanze of Bongianni di Bongianni di Giovanni Gianfigliazzi; the poveri vergognosi; piety and charity in quattrocento Florence; the confidential correspondence of Pandolfo Rucellai; pilgrimage and hospitality in early modern Florence and piety, charity and plague in Tudor England. Other specialisms and research interests include: Italian art, design and architecture (from pre-history to the present day); women’s history; the second Elizabethan Age; the Classics; Tudor history and Victorian social history.

Samantha works as Blog Editor for the Italian Art Society and is a commissioning editor for Women’s History Today journal. Due to the present pandemic, she has temporarily suspended the writing a monograph that stems from her PhD research and is working on a new, more localised investigation. Entitled,” ‘O Death Rock Me to Sleep:’ Plague, Confraternity, Piety and Charity in Tudor England,” this investigation concerns ordinary people, who, while plague ravaged the country,  were faced with the prospect of imminent death and seeks to illustrate how they struggled to remain united for shared purposes and mutual benefit.